FIELDcleanTM self-powered equipment (the TC3) is capable of handling all row crops including tall crops like tomatoes on 6 foot high stakes and low crops like strawberries that have various width rows.  FIELDcleanTM equipment pre-cleans and reduces moisture to lower transportation cost.


FIELDcleanTM Florida, LLC strengths are the experience of the founders as it relates to the recycling industry and the research they have conducted in this arena.  In addition, the plastic mulch film recover and recycling systems that have been developed provide a cost effective and superior advantage to anything tried in the past 30 plus years.  We can competitively provide full service field cleaning operations for farmers and at the same time remove all plastic that the farmers are either having to pay $40 to $60 a ton to remove or are burning in the field creating negative implications.