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 Norman Milner

About Management

Norman Milner, Chairman of the Board

Mr. Milner, founder and president of FilmClean, Inc., was owner and president of a machinery manufacturing company for 55 years.  He is the inventor of Tube Strippers for recycling man made fibers, Book DeBinders for recycling books, Roll Slabbers for removing plastic film, fibers, non-woven plastics and paper from rolls.  He further invented Loop Seal Roll Wrappers for packaging roll goods, mainly carpet cushion for the carpet industry.  The expansion of the machinery product line included factory automation which opened the door to many different industries.
  In 2010 he sold his company and retired.  He began developing a process to dry, clean and market Ag film.  
He was aware that Ag film is wet, loaded with soil, not packaged for ease of handling and not in the most suitable form for recycling.
  Mr. Milner began developing machinery required to clean Ag film.  He started at the field by developing machinery to pre-clean and package Ag film to be compatible with shipping and the recycling process.  He also developed a DRY process to re-fine the cleaning to a useable resin.  Two years later FIELDclean™ and FilmCleanTM equipment was introduced [Plastic Mulch Removal Machines (Milner TC3)].
  Mr. Milner discovered that Ag film has many properties.  The recycled product also has added unique challenges and requires special markets to be a successful product.  His work in product development and marketing has brought recycled Ag film from the field through the recycling process to a packaged Densified product.